Selection Process

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Selection Calendar

Considering the recommendations from WFUNA and the United Nations Programme on Youth, the Youth Delegates will be selected eight months prior to their visit to the General Assembly in order to have enough time to prepare for their mandate.

The selection panel will have the following composition:

  • 1 representative from Albanian Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • 1 representative from the Albanian Minister of State for Youth and Children
  • 1 -2 representative from other Foreign Embassies
  • 1 representative from UN Agencies in Albania
  • 1 Representative From National Youth Congress 
  • 1 representative from UNAA
  • Incumbent Youth Delegates 

The selection calendar would be the following:

  • Open call for application: 14 October – 11 November
  • Notifying the results of the first stage of the selection: November
  • Semi-final interview: By the 20th of November
  • Final stage, appointing the two Youth Delegates: Mid December