UNYDs Around the World

Interview Pietro Fochi

Name: Pietro Fochi  DOB: April 6th   Place of Birth: Bologna, Italy  Education: graduating student School of Law  Aspired Occupation: change maker (currently social entrepreneur)  Favorite

Interview with Aurelian Dragoș Mohan

SECTION A Name: Aurelian Dragoș Mohan DOB: 11/09/1995 Place of Birth: Brașov, Romania Education:  a) Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, graduated summa cum laude from

Interview with Andrada Baba

SECTION A Name: Baba Cristina Andrada DOB: February 12th, 1994 Place of Birth: Romania Education: Ph.D. in Marketing Aspired Occupation: University Professor, International Affairs Favorite

Interview with Fiorella Spizzuoco

SECTION A Name: Fiorella Spizzuoco DOB: 27/01/1993 Place of Birth: Naples, Italy Education: Master’s Degree in International Studies Aspired Occupation: I would like to work

Interview with Katja Holböll 

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark but educated in Sweden, 23 years old, Katja Holböll is one of Sweden’s Youth Representatives to the United Nations. Her engagement