Role & Duties

Role & Duties

Role of the Albanian Youth Delegates

Before the General Assembly, the Albanian Youth Delegates go through a series of preparatory meetings and trainings with UNAA and/or seminars and webinars organized by volunteers from European UNAs, incumbent youth delegates, public institutions, etc. Moreover, they will cooperate continuously with the Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (“MEFA”) and with the Minister of State for Youth and Children.

The youth delegates, in partnership with UNAA’s staff will conduct meetings in at least 5 major Albanian cities with as many young people as possible where they will gather opinions on the most pressing issues and possible solutions of the youth in that city/region, while also advocating for UN values and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

They may conduct online surveys, online meetings and other forms of cost-effective research. Hence, the youth delegates’ priority areas will be constituted by the feedback of the youth meetings and Albania’s foreign policy priorities. Moreover, the youth delegates will create and submit for approval a Strategy and Action Plan with goals, priorities and events during their mandate and help manage the official website of the UNYD Albania and the relevant social network pages.

The youth delegates will be official members of Albanian national delegation and take part as youth advisers. They will deliver a statement to the Third Committee and participate in informal negotiations on resolutions concerning youth as well as many other high-level forums and side events organized in the framework of the 78th UNGA.

The UNGA visit is the most demanding phase of the mandate in terms of workload, pressure and also logistics. The youth delegates are expected to participate in at least 3 events per day for 14 straight days and are required at all time to liaise, coordinate and duly report to MEFA, the Albanian Mission to the UN and UNAA They might be invited to attend/join or address events organized by youth delegates of other countries and foreign missions. Building productive relations and constructive dialogue with other youth delegates should also be one of the priorities.

When returning home, the Albanian Youth Delegates will report to the MEFA, UNAA, and the relevant government agencies about their experience, activity and input. Furthermore, they will attend and organize different presentations and events with youth, presenting their experience, the latest UN youth developments and youth policies. 

The events organized will be participation-oriented in order for the youth delegates to fulfill their task as representatives of the youth. Events will include UN-learning and SDGs workshops, advising youth on pathway programs into UN involvement, as well as consulting with the youth on challenges that the former are facing in Albania and in the global stage. In addition, the official Albania UN Youth Delegate website will be updated regularly with events, Delegates’ activities and engagement, notices about volunteer opportunities, and act as a platform where Albanian youth can highlight their causes in digital format. Based on the success of their efforts, the youth delegate will be invited as speakers and contributors in various national and international events organized by UNAA and/or its partners.

During the last months of the mandate, the programme should have a phasing out period, when the youth delegates use their network and experience to create opportunities for others and to ensure the sustainability and continuity of UNYD Albania.  

During this phase they will have the chance to initiate and implement a youth focused activity.