Frequently Asked Questions - UNYD

01. What is the age restriction for an individual to apply?

All individuals interested in applying for the un youth delegate programme shall be between 18-28 years of age. This age limit is applicable throughout the entire duration of the mandate. This means that one shall be at least 18 years old and at most 27 years old when applying for the programme.

02. Is it mandatory for the applicant to have an academic background in political science or international relations?

No, the selection of the candidates will be based on the individual’s commitment to youth empowerment and representation, and his/her innovative ideas on how to tackle issues that concern young people in albania, regardless of their academic background. In fact, all previous albanian youth delegates to the un have been of backgrounds non-related to political science and international relations.

03. What is the cost of participation?

There are no costs to participate, but the programme will cover the following expenses: visa costs; flight tickets to and from new york for the un general assembly; per diem for 14 days in new york; and travel and per diem expenses for the national tour of consultations.

04. How many stages of selection are there? What are the eligibility criteria?

The selection process consists of three stages: the application stage, the semifinals (reached by at most 8 candidates) and the final debate (reached by the 4 finalists). For more information on the eligibility criteria, please refer to this page. [insert ‘eligibility criteria’ link here]

05. What is the estimated time that a delegate needs to devote to the programme?

The unyd programme is based on the pillars of representation, participation and empowerment. Therefore, it is an incredibly demanding endeavour. The youth delegates will have to do research and readings on the un system and the sdgs; will have to prepare for and organize the national tours of consultation; assist the mefa with the albania’s dossier for the unga; participate at the unga for at least 14 days and draft reports; participate in various events and campaigns organized locally and internationally; maintain and update the social media pages of the programme etc. In view of the above, at least 20 hours/week are necessary to fulfill the programme’s requirements.

06. What are some skills/characteristics you would like to see in a delegate?

The ideal candidate should be a young albanian with demonstrated involvement and contribution in youth and civic engagement in the country by being a member of a cso and/or having created/implemented initiatives that have resulted in a significant positive impact. He/she shall have a decent network of youth connections through which he/she can disseminate/gain information and knowledge throughout the mandate. The ideal yd candidate shall be able to understand and accept the intricacies of an official representation of youth voices and of the republic of albania to the unga and be able to clearly articulate ideas and messages in both formal and informal settings, in english and albanian language. He/she shall be willing to learn, conduct research, write speeches and reports, organize activities, mobilize people and serve as a focal point for youth around the country. Alongside interest in the un and the sdgs the candidates shall have the right motivation for the position and put their efforts and creativity in its function. Availability to dedicate time and energy to the programme is paramount.