With the opening of the application process for the fourth generation of youth delegates to the UN, October 2022 got off to a great start for the UNYD program, and the selection process was nothing short of rigorous and exciting! Of all the applicants, boys and girls, only the best made it through to the final phase.

The first phase involved evaluating all applications based on seven criteria, including their interest in the UN and its activities and their level of volunteer experience. Applicants who failed to meet any of the requirements were automatically eliminated. The judges, who were seven highly significant representatives of UNYD partners, then scrutinized the applications and invited the top-scoring candidates for individual interviews.

During the second phase, the finalists faced individual interviews where they had to answer tough questions that evaluated their skills and ability to fit the requirements. Out of the lot, only four candidates made it through to the next step.

The third phase was the most exciting, as the remaining four went head-to-head in a televised debate that was aired on Euronews Albania. The debate covered a wide range of topics such as youth and Agenda 2030, peace, security, multilateralism, inequalities, climate change, disruptive technologies, and the mandate of youth delegates.

The selection of the final two Youth Delegates was based on a rigorous evaluation of their performance throughout the three phases. Aldi Kasmi and Marsela Delija emerged as the winners and will be serving as Albania’s Youth Delegates to the United Nations for the 2022-2023 term.

This year’s selection process was unique in that it eliminated gender quotas and placed emphasis on quality and meritocracy. The judges chose only the best candidates, based on their skills, abilities, and knowledge of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Overall, the selection process for Albania’s Youth Delegates to the United Nations was a highly competitive and thrilling experience that showcased the best and brightest Albania has to offer. With Aldi Kasmi and Marsela Delija at the helm, Albania’s youth will have a voice on the world stage, ensuring that their perspectives on global issues are heard loud and clear.




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