Henri Fero

Henri Fero is twenty-four years old currently pursuing an Integrated MSC degree in Medicine in Tiranë. Born in Athens, he spent his early years in Greece. From 2001 to 2014, he lived in the Albanian city of Fier where his engagement with youth activities started.

In 2019, Henri participated in the “International Medical Tournament” in Novosibirsk, Russia, along with a team of four students, representing Albania. His team ranked third in the preliminary phase, out of 48 universities around Euro-Asia.

During that same year, in May, Henri co-founded the “Albanian Committee of Medical Students” (ACMS) which has served as a member of the executive board since then. In August 2019, Henri served as Head of Delegation for the ACMS integration process in the “International Federation of Medical Students” in Taipei, Taiwan.

Since then, ACMS has become a member of the federation, which has created new opportunities for medical students across the country and the chance to interconnect and build a partnership with young medical students around the world. In 2020, Henri published two scientific case reports in International Journals.

Henri is a passionate, energetic, and sociable young man that is sensible towards youth-related issues.