Fiona Dinollari

Fiona graduated from the University of Tirana, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and is currently working on a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology. She is also a graduate of the MIRAI program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and other activism and artistic programs such as the SABBAT of the Ministry of Culture of Albania. She has started her activism experience at a young age with Save the Children in Albania, for which she has worked on the UndeRadio project and represented at an international level in 2017, and is currently working as a local coordinator for the Durres Child-Led Group.

At the moment, Fiona is working as a Project Director at the EU Policy Hub but cooperates and works with other organizations as well in topics regarding human rights,   youth, sustainable development, education, environmental issues, etc.

She is passionate about literature and writing, advocating for children and human rights, fighting stigma related to mental health, climate action, youth empowerment, and promoting the national culture and traditions of Albania.