Diogjen Kolici

Diogjen is 24 years of age, born and raised in Kurbin, and is currently finishing an Integrated MSc Degree in Urban Planning.

He is passionate about youth engagement and participation, being involved since an early age in local and national youth activities. Together with other youngsters, Diogjen has implemented a series of initiatives during these years, starting with “Adventure Guys” (Albania’s first travel vlog, whose aim was to promote sustainable tourism), moving to “Trashtagg Albania” (an online campaign addressing environmental issues) and “Give your jacket a second chance” (a campaign that calls people to donate used clothes for the less fortunate). He has also served as a representative in the Student’s Council of his faculty.

Being enthusiastic about policy-making and decision-making processes has made him attend a variety of pieces of training from organizations such as Qemal Stafa Foundation, Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Civic Resistance and after successfully completing “Change The World” MUN from Associazione Diplomatic, he was selected to serve as their online Ambassador for a year.

Thanks to his strong bond with his hometown, two years ago Diogjen decided to run for a seat at the Kurbin Municipal Council, and after his election has contributed to Education, Urban Planning, and Gender Equality Committees, mostly advocating and lobbying for projects and initiatives related to youth empowerment.