Ania Sauku

Ania Sauku is a 19-year-old girl from Tirana, currently in her second year of studying Law at the European University of Tirana. Her activism started early on with her participation in the national radio and TV program, the 4th Dimension, where she was first introduced to the importance of youth representation in media and beyond.

She founded and led the TED-Ed Club in her high school, a safe space where young people could discuss and critically think about solving issues in creative ways. Ania was also the representative of Albania at the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Institute 2019, a democracy exchange programme by the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC and Indiana, USA.

She has had the opportunity to take part in several educational conferences such as the European Youth Parliament, Simulation Game, External Mock Debate, and MUN Albania 2019. All of these activities served as an incentive to join youth-led groups and organizations such as the U.S. Embassy Youth Council Albania, where she was an active member for a year, and the UN Youth Association of Albania where she develops further the core elements of her activism focused on topics such as climate action, gender equality, reducing inequalities and youth empowerment