January 22, 2019

Role of the Albanian Youth Delegate

Post General Assembly phase

When returning home, the Albanian Youth Delegates will report to the MEFA, UNA Albania, and the relevant government agencies about their experience , activity and input. Furthermore, they will attend and organize different presentations and events with youth, presenting their experience, the latest UN youth developments and youth policies in the ambit of their follow-up national tour of consultations.

The events organized will be participation-oriented in order for the Delegates to fulfill their task as representatives of the youth. Events will include UN-learning and SDGs workshops, advising youth on pathway programs into UN involvement, as well as consulting with the youth on challenges that the youth are facing in Albania and in the global stage. In addition, the official Albania UN Youth Delegate website will be updated regularly with events, Delegates’ activities and engagement, notices about volunteer opportunities, and act as a platform where Albanian youth can highlight their causes in written format.