January 22, 2019

Role of the Albanian Youth Delegates

At the General Assembly

The youth delegates will be official members of Albanian national delegation and take part as youth advisers. They will deliver a statement to the Third Committee and participate in informal negotiations on resolutions concerning youth as well as many other high-level forums and side events organized in the framework of the 75th UNGA.

The UNGA visit is the most demanding phase of the mandate in terms of workload, pressure and also logistics. The youth delegates are expected to participate in at least 3 events per day for 14 straight days and are required at all time to liaise, coordinate and duly report to MEFA, the Albanian Mission to the UN and UNA Albania. They might be invited to attend/join or address events organized by youth delegates of other countries and foreign missions. Building productive relations and constructive dialogue with other youth delegates should also be one of the priorities.