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Monday, 20/05/2019-Youth Meeting in Mirdita

Time: 1:00-2:30 PM

The next stop of the Albania Youth Delegates to the UN was in Rreshen, Mirdite. The meeting was organized with the courtesy of the excellent team of Mirdita Youth Council who brought together some of the most active youngsters of this small but beautiful city.

Following the objectives of the national tour of consultations, the meeting started with a short introduction about the United Nations’ system and Agenda 2030. The two Youth Delegates were concerned to explain and communicate with the youngsters the concept of sustainability in all its 3 dimensions: economic, social and environmental. Many questions arose about sustainable development, its importance and the main effects it can have locally and globally.

The discussion was taken by the enthusiasm of the youngsters. They were so open to share and confront personal ideas with each other about the problems they are facing while demonstrating engagement in their community as well as in some levels of decision-making. Quality education, equal opportunities, gender equality, environmental issues, pollution and the lack of opportunities for youngsters to explore their potentials were the main topics that were discussed.

The youngsters of Mirdita delivered very well constructed arguments about the challenges they are facing and shared their perspectives about what can be done in order to improve the situation.

The sense of activism and global citizenship demonstrated by this group of youngsters were quite impressive. Not only did the Youth Delegates share their knowledge on the AYD Programme and the SDGs, but this meeting was a great source of inspiration and motivation to push forward their mandate and to gather the ideas and concerns of their peers. With such well-prepared and positive youngsters the future seems bright and full of potential.

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