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Monday, 20/05/2019-Youth Meeting in Lezha

Location: LYONET (9:00-10:30)

One of the main activities of AYD to provide input to the Albanian delegation on issues related to youth and to fully realize they role as representatives of their peers, are the national consultations with Albanian youth in different cities and regions of Albania.

The delegates decided to kick off their consultation tour by visiting the northern part of Albania, more specifically the city of Lezha. The meeting was held in the premises of Lezha Youth Network with more than 30 students from different high schools welcoming their guests. During the event Ilda and Stiven had the chance to introduce the AYD program as well as talk to the youngsters about the United Nations and Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The most important part of the meeting was the open discussion where youngsters from Lezha had the chance to share their personal opinion about the issues they are facing in their communities such as education, environmental issues, the lack of attention in sports and arts, the absence of motivation and inspiration, financial struggles etc.

The discussion was brought even on the global scale as part of the concept of “sustainability” when it comes to our planet and its limited resources. It was really interesting to listen to many diverse ideas about how we can address different issues. Even though the discussion was mainly focused on quality education and unemployment among youngsters, the delegates gave a special attention to SDG 5: Gender equality. This topic sparked a very dynamic debate on how youngsters believe that we as a generation are making progress towards gender equality in different aspects.

The meeting ended with short remarks by teachers and the delegates on the potential and the power that young people have to make significant changes about their future and how determination and enthusiasm are essential to overcome the challenges and achieve any goal. Meeting the energetic youngsters of Lezha was definitely a great start of the journey for the Albania Youth Delegates to the UN.

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